Capolavori Immobiliari

Rosa Floris

I have been dealing with real estate brokerage for over 35 years, starting together with my father then with other partners and as a self-employed professional for the past 25 years. I started being passionate about real estates since I was little, thanks to my father. This passion turned my work into a joy. I then gathered plenty of experience in the fields of holiday houses and investment houses, with particular focus on the age and the lifestyle of my customers. My philosophy has always been target-centred instead of product-centred, aiming at a wider and long term perspective.
I set new rules according to my vision of sale and investment and I always tried to transfer this vision to my customers. An attentive choice of the properties, cutting-edge technologies and a wonderful location all contribute to the high value of our portfolio. These are the cornerstones of my work.
The great experience acquired in many years of work and the deep knowledge of the territory (the whole Gallura coastline) allow me to offer the right advice to my customers providing clarity and effectiveness in any property deal.

Rosa Floris

Our Estate Services

We work with:

A professional approach acquired in our long-dated experience in the field.

The discretion with which we treat important estate and financial transactions.

We offer you:

  • Brokerage: sale and rental of prestige villas, houses, flats, trading buildings and lands; sale of lots of land and of building cubage for hotel and residential use;
  • Professional evaluation of properties;
  • Technical and town-planning assistance;
  • Advice: legal, fiscal and financial up to the notary deed;
  • Financing: examination and co-ordination for secured loans or other type of financing, distributed by primary credit institutions;
  • Database: for a speedy and customized search of the most suitable property, according to your requirements;
  • Request of cadastral, technical and mortgage paperwork on your behalf.

Our Company Policy

Our company marketing is managed by our skilled staff.
We offer customized marketing to each property through trade publications, magazines and newspapers.
Our advertising budget is largely invested in targeted mailing and direct mailing.
Our business is focused on increasing your property’s value.
We bring buyer and seller into contact, supporting them with competence in every stage of the negotiation until the end of the transaction.


Why choose a Villa-Hotel in Sardinia with the Agency Immobiliare Le Rosemarine?

the wonderful combination of art and Beauty has always been the focal point of my passion. The architecture, cultural exchanges, the influence of the traditions are expressions that have allowed me to pursue my deepest interests and to satisfy my ancestral curiosity. Sardinia, its environment, its riches, its derivatives from things simple and authentic, it is a land that lends itself perfectly to a way of life almost forgotten.

The climate, the sea, the wind, the smells and the food have made an earth whole and pure where the longevity is a natural consequence. Have been identified inland areas with a high concentration of long-lived. Many explanations have been formulated for this peculiarity as the quality of life or a particular diet. The oldest man in the world was born in Tiana (NU), he passed away at the age of 113 years, attributed his longevity to the glass of good red wine (cannonau) who drank every day.

Sardinia has a potential to be an undisputed destination of future style and I’m going to drive this corner of earth to toward the firmament of longevity. This philosophy of life is been the “core business” of my company, where hospitality and welcome are synonymous with authenticity and affability, as well as suggests the ancient Sardinian traditional.

In this regard it is customary of the Agency Le Rosemarine, in the villas, the customers will find, a basket of local products that help to longevity, such as: local red wine, myrtle, olive oil, bitter honey, almonds, walnuts, cheese goat and cheese sheep, ect.


Our international staff experienced and highly professional will transform your home into a luxury hotel, where the comforts and home automation system amenities will blend magically with the purity and flavors of this earth. This choice is reflected in the ability that the Agency Le Rosemarine that has always to selected for its customers: chef, butler, hairdresser, beautician, massage therapist, personal trainers, teachers, ect. suitable to meet even the most sophisticated and demanding palate and to give all the services that a 5-star hotel can offer, surpassing the most well known hotels in the world with one exception that in “villa-hotel”, you and your family are the only exclusive guests.

In this regard, the Agency Le Rosemarine, offers a “limited Edition” prestigious Villas and Suites to the sea in Costa Smeralda.

The Rosemarine has introduced on the market about 150 properties distributed in most areas such as Porto Cervo and Porto Rotondo, both considered luxury destination internationally.

The Agency Le Rosemarinewas founded in 1975, specializing in consulting and real estate brokerage with particular reference to the international market. It has a deep knowledge of the Sardinian territory and its market, especially in Costa Smeralda and Porto Rotondo.

Works with the best broker in the world, pays attention to the markets of emerging countries selected for this type of customer, property of great prestige, sells and leases residential properties as well as luxury hotels, shops, building plots.

Over the years has retained competence and professionalism.The Agency provides its customers: tax consultants, commercial consultant, technical office, legal office.