Appartamento Quadri in Baia Sardinia

This apartment on the second floor of a small building has an uninterrupted view and it is set in a wonderful natural environment just a few minutes from the most famous beaches of Baja Sardinia. The apartment offers a super panoramic terrace, three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living room, a kitchen and two entrances. A project for the construction of two more units is also available.
This apartment is ideal for a relaxing holiday with the family and a good investment for anyone who buys it.


On Sale for Rent

Pending energy class certification

The Location:

Originally there was a small country church surrounded by greenery just a short walk from Battistoni Bay, which took its name from the “big” guardian of the military fortresses located on the heights.

The bay has been renamed Baja Sardinia in the ‘70s by the entrepreneur Domenico Gentile. This beautiful cove was an invitation to build a village in harmony with the environment, in order to enjoy the beauty of this corner of Sardinia.


The access road to Baja Sardinia goes up to the beach. Many properties and businesses such as villas, town homes, apartments, hotels, restaurants, shops, discos, bar and clubs have been built at its back.
A Consortium that has the prerogative to ensure safety, cleanliness, entertainment, various services and the promotion of the village controls the area of Baja Sardinia.
This corner of earth is full of beautiful bays, beaches and rocks sculpted by the wind.


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