Santa Teresa Gallura

Capolavori Immobiliari

The town of Santa Teresa Gallura is set on a rocky and flat area 40 metres above sea level, between the inlet of Porto Longonsardo and the beach of Rena Bianca.

The first settlements of the current town were established in 1808 at the time of the Kingdom of Piedmont and Sardinia. The main purpose was to stop smugglers and to better handle France’s expansion plans.
Truly speaking nuragic populations were the very first inhabitants of the site. Some archaeological finds can still be found in the city centre.
At the times of Romans there were two separate and quite close villages, Longonis and Tibula. Romans were surely extracting granite and were using the natural deep inlet as a safe harbour to load the stones on their ships. In fact, the name Longonis has been inspired by the fiord. This name has long survived up to today.

Santa Teresa Gallura is called Lungoni in the Sardinian language and its inhabitants are called Lungunesi.
During the XX century the village expanded thanks to agriculture and fishing. The gathering of coral in the waters between Sardinia and Corsica was a large business up to a few years ago. Nowadays tourism has gained more room in the economy of the region.
Vittorio Emanule Square and the nearby streets is the town centre. Shops and bars are always crowded in summer.
The surroundings of Santa Teresa are a rich natural environment. There are many panoramic viewpoints moving towards east and passed the fiord: Tarra Vecchja, Porto Quadro and La Marmorata. Apart from a resort, the whole area is still unspoilt. There are many paths leading to the shore or just stretching along the coast. Here and there some abandoned military posts and forts remind of the strategic position this area had in the past.

West of the town the coast is more sandy than rocky. The promontory of Capo Testa is a truly remarkable site, well known among Sardinians. The road continues along the coast towards Castelsardo with every side road to the right leading to a beach.
In this area the vegetation behind the shore is not the usual Mediterranean bush. Pine is in fact the prevalent tree.

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