We are fortunate to live and work in such a beautiful area. Its particular combination of art and beauty brings energy to our passion, to all the work of the Le Rosemarine Estate Agency of Arzachena.

The beauty of nature, architecture, living culture and traditions are strong, and seen in Sardinia as expressions that must be valued and shared.

The island, its environment, its riches and the simple and authentic lifestyle that it offers you all conspire to make Sardinia a perfect location for those who love all this and are looking for holiday homes or villas to rent.


Why Sardinia?

Its unique climate, food and various other elements make Sardinia one of the regions with the highest longevity rate in the world.

There are inland areas with a high concentration of centenarians. This appears to be due to the quality of life and the particular diet followed in these territories.

Born in Tiana (Nuoro), the oldest Italian man ever – who lived for 112 years and 346 days -attributed his longevity to the good glass of red wine (cannonau) he drank daily.


Le Rosemarine

Hospitality and a warm welcome

Sardinia is a unique region that has great potential. At Le Rosemarine we offer services for those looking for quality, opportunities to invest, beautiful places to go on holiday.

Our land is known for offering hospitality and a warm welcome, for being the earthly paradise of longevity, and for offering unique locations to those looking for villas for rent and sale, holiday homes, and real estate to make an investment.

Culture and Tradition
It is customary for our real estate agency to leave a basket of local products in rental properties for our guests to enjoy. High quality products - those same products that confer such longevity: local red wine, myrtle, extra virgin olive oil, goats and sheeps cheese, bitter honey, almonds, nuts, and more!

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