Portobello di Gallura

Capolavori Immobiliari

Portobello di Gallura Park is one of the most exclusive and traditional settlements in Northern Sardinia, a way of life that can not be defined simply as “tourist”. The hinterland is strewn with pens of genuine cultural interest, is rich in farms where you can buy food, naturally organic. There is nothing more reserved of Portobello Park, solitary nature and wild, rolling hills and promoters sloping towards the beaches and coves formed by granite rocks. The park is about 100 hectares, spread over three kilometers of shoreline amphitheater, fully guarded with two controlled access 24 hours a day by security. For non-residents, “can not be visited either by car or on foot” as they explain the gatekeepers. From the apartment you could reach with a short walk “center” or “club”, where you can find a touch of madness: the newsstand, bazaar, bar, restaurant, convenience store and tennis courts, mini disc, guest quarters, the marina where you can moor small boats using. Also has tennis courts, football, bowling, diving school, all the facilities are open all year. Myriads of small natural bays: bay of love, the surveyor bay, bay man, bay rose, all shaded behind by tamarisk trees, dark golden sand, fine, with pebbles, emerald sea, never crowded because difficulties of access. In this fascinating context arise about 300 villas, characterized by a peculiar architecture of the ’70s. The low rise villas overlooking the sea and perfectly integrated in nature, almost all single-family and single-storey, with lovely gardens, large verandas, are surrounded by nature and have been constructed to comply with the landscape, so it is difficult even scorgerle. At least once in your life, one of us has thought of giving up everything (work, noises of the city, the queues in the car, stress, ect) and move to an island, Sardinia, this stretch of coast is the goal?

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