Le Rosemarine offers consultancy with real estate agents who have a lot of experience and who know the region in question in great detail – the entire coastal stretch of Gallura, places such as Porto Cervo, then Arzachena, the Costa Smeralda and the whole north-eastern part of the island, and more besides.

Aspects concerning company marketing are overseen and managed by our direct staff. For each property we provide a personalised marketing plan, including the production of brochures and targeted publications in magazines and newspapers.

The part of the budget dedicated to communication and advertising is devoted to the most effective tools for each individual case; it is largely invested in targeted mailing and direct marketing.

Our company policy aims at enhancing the client’s assets, aware that real estate investment must be framed in a long-term perspective.

We work to create a positive contact between seller and buyer, assisting the customer in a professional way in all stages of the negotiation, until the transaction is completed.



Le Rosemarine

Our extensive experience in the region and in-depth knowledge of the places in question allow Le Rosemarine to offer customers the best opportunities in the field of real estate, for purchase, sale and rent. Get in touch with us to request advice from our real estate agents.


National opportunities

Le Rosemarine deals with real estate brokerage, sale, property rentals, holiday homes, villas and villas, commercial premises and land.

In addition, we hand-pick various properties located in other Italian regions

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